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What have we been up to?

Recently we've enjoyed getting out on more detached work to speak to lots of you! We have been in lots of areas around the Waterside where young people have been meeting in groups - we have seen some groups of between 15 and 30! Please all remember to keep safe and follow social distancing rules! Over the last two weeks, our team have engaged with 40 young people having conversations about what everyone has been up to and what their worries are for the near future. We also reminded many young people of the dangers of NOS gas as there seem to be the little canisters around everywhere! It may seem fun but the risks are very real, with people being left paralysed.

Have a look at the FRANK website

You can contact Frank if you need support, or we are happy to talk with you if you are worried about anything.

If you or a young person you know needs support for any other issues, please get in touch so we can help or help you find someone who can.

It's been great to see lots of you again and we hope to see more of you as our work in the community continues over the next few weeks. We are always available to support over social media, phone or other online platforms if you need to talk.

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