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The Big Give! We need you!

We are fundraising through the Big Give Christmas Challenge who offer match funding on donations made! That means anything donated by you has the opportunity to be doubled!

Please see below about the project we are fundraising for.

For more information on the Big Give Christmas Challenge, have a look here:

If you feel you can make a pledge go to this link:

Breaking down the barriers for a brighter future:


Young people in the Waterside area are often forgotten about due to people assuming it's an affluent area. However, local young people are living in poverty and/or facing series issues including domestic violence, drug abuse, mental health problems, hunger and being NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). As a result, local children and young people have low aspirations and suffer with low self-esteem with limited access to support, resources or experiences to change that.


Our solution is to create opportunities that will give children and young people experiences that are not hindered by the barriers they face in everyday life. The Handy Trust will offer challenging and/or fun experiences that will aid young people to develop into happy, well-rounded individuals. The experience will improve their transferable skills such as resilience, team-building skills, communication and leadership all whilst being supported and mentored by our youth workers.


· Continue community engagement with activities based within the local area as well as further afield.

· Support young people to develop transferable skills through mentoring and targeted experiences.

· Offer experience to target certain skills such as leadership through orienteering, resilience through building a raft, amongst other opportunities they wouldn't experience such as kayaking, rock climbing, zip wire and mountain biking.

· Any young person who is offered experiences will receive mentoring and access to resources (such as a bus pass for a job) to continue their personal development through the funds.

· Have fun!! Local children and young people are facing problems every day and sometimes all it's about is given them a break and time away from that environment.


Young people will have improved self-esteem through targeted mentoring, support and experiences that allows them to feel no limits to what they can achieve. Transferable skills will allow them to gain access to education, employment or training and to support themselves through challenges they may face in the future. Their contact and mentoring with us will also open doors to further support for issues if needed, such as mental health, to ensure nothing stands in the way of a healthy future.


We will want to make sure the project continues to be impactful through both qualitative and quantitative measures. Surveys using numerical scales to identify young people's needs, issues and confidence will be used pre and post project. In addition, constant feedback and impact will be measured through direct contact with the young people during the project and follow-ups continued once the young person is settled in education/employment/training.

Thank you for reading and helping us to support young people.

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