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An update for you

We hope you are all well and are settling back into school/college/work ok! Remember, if you need support, you can contact us anytime!

After the summer holidays finished, we continued coming out to see you on the minibus Friday evenings. This is continuing in partnership with Fawley youth workers which we think is great! We enjoy still being able to see lots of you and come to areas you like to hang out, especially when youth clubs aren't open. Say hi if you see us! In the last 2 Fridays, we have seen 92 of you out and about across the Waterside!

This week we also had a socially distanced meeting with our volunteers. This was so we could share ideas on how we can restart our regular activities including youth clubs and holiday clubs. Working as a bigger team to think about this was great and our volunteers are AMAZING and we are so grateful to work with people who want to make sure young people in the area feel supported. So a massive thank you to all the volunteers who make these regular activities possible!! For now, due to current guidance, our youth clubs are still suspended. If you want to know more about the reasons behind this decision, please get in contact. However, we're watching the situation closely and will continue to update you soon.

We always welcome new volunteers and young leaders, so please get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

Thank you to the amazing people we work closely with! We have also heard from local schools that lots of you young people are doing fantastic with the new routines in school - well done guys, you've got this!!

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